5 Great Places To Get Your Garden Seeds

Even though we are still hitting by the 4th wave of COVID-19, things are starting to normal. Over the last one to two years, we all tend to stay home a lot. The more time one stay home, the more chance one would develop new hobbies. We began a habit of growing our vegetables in the backyard. Here are some of our favourite websites we get our seeds from.

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds – Hawthorn Farm produces certified organic farm-selected, open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds in Central Ontario (zone 5). Certified organic by Pro-Cert since 1996, Hawthorn Farm started as most independent seed companies do, on a kitchen table with a single page printed catalogue filled with a handful of offerings. We now have hundreds of exciting and tasty offerings with over a decade of growing, selecting, and saving organic seeds. https://hawthornfarm.ca

Florabunda Seeds – Are you an avid gardener or just beginning to get your hands dirty? We are sure you will enjoy our wide variety of heirloom and unusual flower, vegetable and herb seeds. You may see very few types of vegetables that are hybrid, and they are noted as such. Most of our sources have been organically grown but are not organically certified. We package by measurement, and our seed counts are approximate. We ensure that every package contains a very generous seed count. https://www.florabundaseeds.com

William Dam Seeds – We are a family-run company located outside Dundas, Ontario, Canada, supplying small farmers and gardeners in Canada with seeds for food, flowers and soil building. It is our great pride to offer a varied catalogue of many different seed varieties. We value the old and traditional, like Lucullus Swiss Chard, an item listed in our first price list and our current catalogue. Our team is pleased to try a new variety and find that its productivity or plant health will bring more food to your plate. We smile when a customer finds an item in our store that reminds them of home, their childhood, their roots. https://www.damseeds.com/

Veseys – The last few years at Veseys Seeds have been hectic and rewarding. Veseys staff, which swells to over 100 individuals in season, has raised the bar of excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Sales growth has been at its highest level in the firm’s history. Innovative strategies have been developed to expand Veseys further reach in the North American mail-order gardening market. Many new initiatives are on the drawing board for the coming months, including the establishment of a wholesale seed program, penetration of new market segments and an expanded production facility in the company’s beautiful home community of York, Prince Edward Island. https://www.veseys.com

Annapolis Seeds – For the last ten years, Annapolis Seeds has been my project, having started it in 2008 as a high school-aged seed saver. We grow all of our seeds, so you know they’re well adapted to our place and climate (and similar climates). We’re all about developing and maintaining as many rare varieties as possible. We hope you are inspired to do the same! I’d love to see every gardener and farmer also become a seed saver; that’s how community seed self-reliance will happen. https://www.annapolisseeds.com


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