Almost every year on boxing day, TV news programs will report a long queue of folks outside the stores waiting to purchase their favourite discounted items. One of the favourite products probably is a huge screen TV. One year, we did get one for a very nice discounted price. It’s a Sony Bravia.

Setup is quick and easy. The image is crisp, and the colours are amazing. However, after using it for a year or two, is it getting old? Two problems arise. 1. It will turn itself on automatically from time to time. Does some spiritual being nearby want to watch TV? 2. It usually reboot itself at least once a day. The day the TV doesn’t crash, we call it a lucky day.

According to the Internet, the above phenomenon is very common. Here are some explanations.

1. Sony Bravia turns itself on randomly – Low battery power on your remote, your remote’s power button is stuck. TVs that can connect to SmartThings can be turned on using compatible devices, sometimes automatically. However, suppose abnormal “power on” signals are sent through the wireless network. In that case, they will trigger this function and make the TV turn on.

2. Sony Bravia reboots itself randomly – Your Sony Bravia TV may also reboot because of an insufficient power supply in the TV. It typically happens when the TV has been used a lot for a long time, though it sometimes happens with a brand-new TV as well.

Alrighty, we can bear with the random reboot. We will keep it as long as it still works and lasts long enough to watch a movie or two. Or, maybe after a year or two, we will get a new one on another Boxing day.

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