Best Adsense Web 2.0 Sites for a Link Wheel

If you are looking for do follow, high Google page rank, Web 2.0 blogs for creating a link wheel model, here is a list of Web 2.0 free platforms. I am not in a hurry to build any link wheel yet, I’m more or less interested in experiencing those Web 2.0 sites. Each Web 2.0 platform could give you a unique experience, and I happen to make a few friends here and there. Among all these Web 2.0 platforms, some of them are kind enough to let you earn a few blog dollars. The first few I signed up are Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, and Posterous. I’m sure I’ll try some others in the near future.

Adsense on Blogspot – Blogspot is by far the one that has the best blogging features. If you plan to make a few dollars blog money without the hassle of running your own self-hosted blog, Blogspot is the way to go. Google Adsense and Amazon Associates are already built-in. Unlike some other Adsense allowed blog platforms only give you a share of their Adsense revenue. With Blogspot and Adsense enabled, you don’t have to share your Adsense money with any other 3rd party companies. Some people suggest that Adsense and Amazon don’t go well together, either Adsense or Amazon, don’t use them together. Aside from these two great monetization tools, Blogspot backend is loaded with useful features like template designer, layout management, different settings for posting and comments. If you haven’t blogged before, you would find yourself blogging at ease in 10 minutes.

Adsense on WordPress – Besides Blogspot, probably WordPress is the second popular choice for a free blog platform. WordPress is famous for its self-hosted blog software. For most self-hosted blogs out there, 99% of them are using WordPress blog software. The interface is, not surprisingly, similar to the self-hosted one. If you are already running a few WordPress self-hosted blogs, you might find it boring to see the same interface again, lol. Nevertheless, WordPress is one of the best Web 2.0 free platforms, if you want a Web 2.0 site that can get indexed fast, WordPress is a good choice. At the beginning, I had some 499 error which wouldn’t allow me to post anything, or even change any settings. I followed the report email link, and WordPress team fixed the problem within a day. Considering such a quick response, that’s some great customer service for a free blog provider. Ads are generally not allowed for new WordPress users. Once you start to get more traffic, you can place Google ads and share ad revenue with WordPress.

Adsense on Tumblr – Next, I tried Tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that looks really fun, cool and sleek, it offers both free and paid templates. Because of its microblogging nature, compared to Blogspot and WordPress, Tumblr seems to be a bit lack in features. But yet it is powerful enough for you to share text, photo, quote, link, chat, video or audio. It is more like a lite version of Blogspot or WordPress. Tumblr has one great advantage over WordPress, you can place Google Adsense on Tumblr! However, using Google Adsense on Tumblr is not as easy as Blogspot, you are required to dig in the source code of your Tumblr template, work on the html and CSS stuff, tweak this and that to get it working.

Adsense on Posterous – Posterous is another microblogging platform that works similar to Tumblr. You also get a good number of free themes to choose from. But the way they present the sample themes, a short description has grayed out almost half of each thumbnail image, it is a bit inconvenient to view the sample themes. You can also use Google Adsense on Posterous, but it’s even more complicated than putting Adsense on Tumblr. Posterous doesn’t allow JavaScript, so somehow you need to first host your Adsense code somewhere else. Just create a simple html page to place your Adsense code, yes, just your Adsense code. And then edit your Posterous template source code and place a section of iframe code there to display your previously made Adsense html page.


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