Looking for the best Fiverr clone script? Just studied a list of Fiverr alternatives or should we say, Fiverr clones, all of them look similar. The only differences are the commissions and service rates. Actually, even the commissions are similar, they are mostly 20%.

As of now, there is no free open-source Fiverr clone script available yet. The cheapest and most popular one is from Fiverrscript, which is $99. In order to run Fiverr clone script, your server would require certain PHP requirement and root access. I believe you need something better than a shared web hosting, something like a dedicated server or at least a VPS would be better. Fiverrscript also offers installation services as the followings: $60 for copyright removal, $30 for script installation, $50 for server setup, $100 for lifetime updates, and $50 for one year updates.

Other than Fiverrscript, Agriya is another popular choice, but their price tag is a lot higher. There is no listed price on the Agriya website. They will send you a quotation based on your budget.

Anything more affordable than Agriya Fiverr clone script? We have Hiverr. For Hiverr clone script, one single domain license is $299, and unlimited domains license is $499. Optional addons services include “Powered by” link removal ($99) and professional installation ($49).

Some people might say that there are already hundreds of Fiverr clones out there, is that still profitable to setup another one? I suppose it all depends on your business plan, if you have certain budget for advertising and marketing, and if you have ways to drive in traffic, such a “make money doing tasks” website might still work for you, good luck!

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