Isobelle Encarotia Polished Gemstone Bundle

“This…? How did you find out that I asked for the jewellery? You’re hardly refined, but an interesting person nonetheless.”

Well, I encountered this quest and seemed no way to return her gemstone bundle. One of the options is to send a gift, but it doesn’t seem to be related to this quest. So, I searched for help on the Internet, and some people suggested talking to other NPCs standing next to her, now I think they made a joke.

The quest could not be completed, not because it has a bug, it’s just because your storage is full! Try selling some of your junks to a nearby General Goods Vendors, go back and try again.

I remember it happened before, there is another quest a while ago, asking to use a scroll to get an Imp boss. By that time, my storage was also full, so I could not use the scroll to summon the Altar Imp Captain. Sell some stuff, try again, everything works fine.


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