During the COVID pandemic, many people tend to work from home. Studies have shown that people who work from home work longer hours. A 15-minute idling break for a snack or small errand seems perfectly normal. While most people would manage their working hours appropriately, some bosses who prefer micromanagement would probably like to check on their employees from time to time. An over-zealous IT department might think of every possible way to help their bosses. Much popular software has provided apps for bosses to check on their employees’ idling times. Whether you are a hard-working person or not, most likely, you wouldn’t want anybody to spy on your idling times.

There is a supply where there is a demand, so we have an excellent product called mouse mover, or mouse jiggler. Initially, mouse jiggler is used for people who need to do the specific set-up, presentation, or whatever tasks they are doing, that they don’t want a log-out. And mouse mover, as the name implies, mouse mover moves the mouse constantly and let your computer think you are doing something continuously.

In the market, there are many types of mouse jigglers. Some are software-based. Some have it stored in a USB, you plug your USB in, and the software will be running. Some people cannot install personal software into their company’s computer. You would need something different, and a stand-alone mouse jiggler is what you need. Currently, we tried two famous mouse movers, i.e. Liberty Mouse Mover and Tech8 Mouse Mover.

Tech8 Mouse Mover costs around $65 on Amazon.ca. Over 1600 ratings, 85% of customers are happy with the product. The product arrived on time and is well packaged. The concept is straightforward. You put your mouse in the tray, and the spinning wheel moves your mouse cursor around so your computer does not take time out. However, it does seem to move the mouse at a regular time interval.

Liberty Mouse Mover costs around $75 on Amazon.ca. Over 3400 ratings, 74% of customers are happy with the product. According to the web page, the seller claims to be the original developer of mouse mover. It works similar to the Tech8 Mouse Mover, but it seems more random than the Tech8 one.

While most employees wouldn’t want their bosses to know about their idleness, wouldn’t it be abnormal to keep working 9 to 5 or more without any idling time?

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