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From time to time, Black Desert Online would offer a promotional event which you can acquire a free game pass. The essential requirement is to achieve level 50 within 14 days. For seasoned players, that probably won’t be much of a problem since they are already well acquainted with the game. They would know exactly where and how to advance their level fast in a short time. However, for the least experienced players, getting to a level 50 within two weeks could be quite a challenging task. I, for one, has joined the game recently, found it easy to get to level 20 or so, but beyond that, it would take some time to grind for more points.

Fortunately, take advantage of the current Black Friday deal. You can get a real dirt-cheap game pass for only $2.99, a generous 70% off of the original price. $2.99 for a complete full game, it’s plenty of fun for such a low cost. And the good thing is now I no longer need to rush to level 50 within two weeks, and I can play the game at my own pace.

Black Desert Online is considered as one of the best MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game). So far, the most complaints I heard about is that this game does not offer fast travel, i.e. you cannot teleport from one town to another instantly. Your character has to “run” from town to town. In some cases, it might take a considerable amount of time, like 45 minutes to go from town A to town B. Indeed, not many people would want to stare at the screen for 45 minutes to watch your character running. You can click the map and right-click the location where you want to go and let the computer handle the task, and you can then work on your other windows and check back later on.

During the lockdown period, playing an MMORPG would undoubtedly be an excellent way to kill time. Everyone, stay home, stay safe.


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