In recent times, the epidemic situation in Ontario has become more and more severe. Almost a thousand new cases are hovering up and down in a single day. The epidemic situation in schools is also worrying, and the Provincial Department of Health today announced the latest epidemic situation. The predictive model shows that the medical burden in Ontario will significantly increase.

According to the latest research findings, the Omicron variant virus spreads fast because it replicates nearly 70 times more viruses than the Delta variant virus 24 hours after it infects human bronchial tissues. Still, its replication capacity in the lungs is 90% lower than that of the original virus strain. So it is less pathogenic. The research team emphasized that this amount of the virus may cause severe illness. Its high transmission power may cause more severe disease and death.

The severity of the disease depends on the virus’ ability to replicate and the body’s immune response. Even though Omicron is less pathogenic, its extremely high transmission capacity may cause more severe illness and death. Based on this recent research, it has also been found that Omicron can evade the immunity generated by vaccines or recovered persons, so the overall threat of Omicron may be very significant.

With the characteristics of Omicron, the virus will become the mainstream virus in the world within one or two months. It is recommended that citizens receive their third booster vaccine as soon as possible to help prevent the outbreak of the Omicron virus in the community.

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