The man who appears to have been the wagoner is dead

So, I took advantage of the Black Friday deal and got myself a game pass. I know that this game Black Desert Online is enormous, so I only plan to play it casually.

One of the quests, Escape from Cron Castle, I found it impossible to complete, is that a bug? I killed some NPC soldiers and went back to Beetle. The message he gave me was “The man who appears to have been the wagoner is dead”. I forfeited the quest and did it again—same old message. Searching the Internet, some people seem to have a similar problem.

One day, I tried it again and noticed that there are a broken waggon and dead horse nearby. Would the above message suppose to be referred to the broken waggon and dead horse, and not from Beetle? If so, must I climb up the platform and try to interact with Beetle? But how to climb up? There is no game hint on how my character can climb up. So, I searched the Internet again. For a character to climb up, you need to hit the “spacebar”. Ok, this time, Beetle gave a better response, and the quest was completed, and I can go on with the journey.


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