Is this game Black Desert Online worth playing? A few months ago, a friend recommended this game to me, telling me how fun this game is, etc. The funny thing is, not long after that, my friend quit playing this game for some reason.

Compared to other online games, this game is relatively very affordable. When it’s on sale, it’s even more affordable. Like right now, it only costs $3 for a primary game pass. One might wonder how do they make money. Well, after playing the game for a few months, you know you will pay. There is all sort of reasons to buy this and that. And the game does seem more fun if you invest some money into it.

The game is enormous. With multiple servers running, you have several “worlds” you can choose to sign in to. Say, if you get bothered by some obnoxious players who won’t leave you alone, you switch to another server. Almost every player has their favourite spot to grind for points. I don’t usually go to popular places, and many less well-known places are great for grinding.

Is grinding necessary? I’m afraid so. At the early stage, it’s elementary to level up. Say, up to level 60, points seem more challenging to get by. Things are still manageable, and I just need to dedicate more time.

Unless you are good at the game, you might rather spend time doing life skills. Life skills can earn you game money but might not be as excited as the regular hack and slash killing here and there. You have to achieve at least a “Professional level 1” on your selected life skill to make daily auto income. The easiest one I found is got to be “Farming”. As long as you have ten big fences, you can get to Professional Farming in a few days. Their life skill points will add up nicely if you have created many characters.

PVP or PVE? Many folks suggest that if you only plan to play PVE, you should not go over level 50. They say, once you go over level 50, all PVP hungry players will come to get you constantly, blah blah blah. Well, it does not seem to happen that way. I believe PVP folks would prefer to play in their dedicated servers. It couldn’t be much fun to kill any poorly equipped newbie level 50s. Everybody seems to be busy doing their own thing. It’s pretty safe to go over level 50 and explore the areas. After exploring a while, you can quickly tell that your equipment isn’t good enough. You would settle down to play life skills and accumulate game money to get better gears later.

Black Desert Online is a marathon game. Many already spend years playing, and you can only take it slow; it would take quite a while to match up to others’ game wealth. Back to the question, Is this game Black Desert Online worth playing? Hell yeah, it just doesn’t get too addicted to it; it’s a great casual online game.


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