The Hay Day Gaming Experience

Nowadays, there are so many online games for so many different platforms. How can you tell which ones are the most successful and popular? I think the ones I’m willing to spend money on are the successful ones. Hay Day is one of them.

Every month, there is a farm pass you can purchase. You can get lots of game money and experience with a farm pass. In other words, you can spend money to buy experience to level up. Besides, there are other unique items you won’t get without a farm pass. Here are some of my gaming experiences:

It’s always nice to keep a few of each item in your barn. Especially those that require a few too many hours to produce, I keep at least a dozen of them, e.g. all kinds of jams, chocolate, lollipop, etc. Just in case your ship cargoes require those, you can supply those accordingly.

Certain items always show up in the market. I won’t stock them much for those, e.g. pumpkin, rustic bouquet, corn, egg, etc. I used to feed all the animal types every day. Then I found out it’s pretty easy to buy eggs, cotton, goat milk off the market. Why produce mine if I can buy them conveniently? So now I mainly only feed cows and pigs. Whenever I’m online, I make cheese, butter and cream. Those never seem to be enough. Other rare items include barn and silo expansion items like bolts and screws.

Neighbourhoods are supposed to be fun, like people gather together to compete on goals. Somehow maybe this game is getting old or something; it’s not easy to get a group of 30 players dedicated to working on the goals. As time goes by, some players become inactive. Some become leeches only care for getting rewards or free help. After a while, I decided to play on my own. It isn’t that bad. You can still help friends who are on your friend list.

Then there are the town folks, more ways to get expansion items. Different buildings have different finishing times. The most time consuming one is Bed and Breakfast, then Spa, Cinema, etc. For easier management, I tend to complete those more time-consuming ones first. Pets are also good sources to get expansion items. Many players tend to farm wheats only, and probably that is another easy way to farm expansion items.



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