Dedicated players always suggest that if you want to be good at the game, you need to search for all kinds of tips and tricks. Usually, I play casually and don’t care about much; maybe that’s why I found it hard to level up after level 59 or something. After reading some of the levelling guides on the black desert foundry website, it does help a lot. So, levelling from 58 to 59, 59 to 60, and 60 to 61 aren’t that hard to follow. And the best part is that one does not need to grind for points, only to complete some no-killing, straightforward quests.

The idea is to complete quests that give you combat experience, not the recurring ones. Folks suggest that one can finish level-up within a few hours, but if you take things slow and try to enjoy the game, it at most only takes a day or two for each level. As far as I can remember, the quest areas are mainly in Calpheon City, Abandoned Land, Trina Fort, Keplan, Outpost Supply Port, Calpheon Northwestern Outpost, Acher Guard Post, Polly’s Forest, Grana, Old Wisdom Tree, Kamaslyvia Vicinity, Lemoria Guard Post, Ahib Conflict Zone, Marcha Outpost, Gayak Altar, Sherekhan Necropolis, Night Crow Post, Tshira Ruins, Khimust Lumber Camp, Marak Farm and so on.

Season players can find a little icon on the top right corner showing the progress of your character growth. Most season players have two primary goals, and one is to complete all the season reward objectives. And second is to enhance all the gears to PEN level. Since I didn’t create a season character until a few weeks after the start date, I only plan to complete half of the objectives. Surprisingly, I can finish the pass rewards and get all the essential PEN equipment I need.

All of the season rewards can be soloed, except one, i.e. the Rift’s Echo. After completing the Rift’s Echo, you get many valuable enhancement materials. So, many players camp near that area looking for parties; it wouldn’t be hard to find a few fellows to complete the quest. The party I joined, luckily the party leader seemed to possess many Rift’s Echo objects, so we kept repeating the quests so many times. Another interesting reward quest is the Yar game. There are many video tutorials teaching people how to beat Igor Bartali, and it’s fun. I wish the season session has more interesting quests like Rift’s Echo and Yar game.

Anyhow, I still have roughly two weeks before the season close date. There is a 600% EXP boost event in progress right now. But I heard that it’s tough to get to level 62. For example, before level 61, each side quest gives you a few %, now after level 61, each side quest can give only 0.021%. I guess I will start early in the next coming Season round. By the way, for those who are looking for PVE only, you should try the season server. Players seem to only care about their character advancement, and PVP is not allowed. Usually, there are two seasons each year to have about four months of no-PVP playing, and the rest of the year, one can focus on life skills to make more game gold.

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